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ממך אליך אברח
Brooklyn, NY
ממך אליך אברח
Brooklyn, NY
ממך אליך אברח
Monsey, NY
ממך אליך אברח
Flushing, NY

About Arachim
The Arachim Organization is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to strengthen Jewish identity and bring Jews on all levels closer to Judaism. The organization is not associated with any political body whatsoever and exists through the assistance of private individuals who look upon the strengthening of Jewish identity as a supreme value. The Arachim Organization was established in 5740 (1980) and since then it has been spreading Judaism throughout Israel and the world. In the course of these years the organization has touched the hearts of more than half a million Jews in about 35 countries in five continents.

Arachim is unique in that it offers the interested public a well-built, systematic, highly intellectual process of coming closer ("kiruv") to Judaism. The "kiruv" activities are not one-time doings; a progressive process is offered with a complete system of programs suited to the personal fields of interest and stages of progress of each individual. Continuation

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