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Man is the greatest of G-d`s creatures. What is his role in the universe? Why does he need the Shabbat in order to achieve his purpose in this world?

The Heavens, the earth, the seas, and all therein, constitute an enormous host of G-d's servants. All were brought into existence to serve their Maker.  Each has its own character, its powers, its shape and form, its dimensions and the rhythm of its life; the rules of nature govern each one in keeping with the role assigned to it in the functioning of the universe.

The overall plan that gives direction to the thousands and hundreds of thousands of creatures on this globe is in the hands of the Master Planner.  All are part of a unified scheme dedicated to achieving the same purpose, determined by G-d before the act of Creation.

Each of these creatures and creations fulfills the task assigned by its Creator.  To the King we attribute strength, greatness, power and control; His wisdom and knowledge are infinite, and it is our part to obey Him and to fulfill His will.

The task assigned to us is to consolidate our faith, and to serve G-d with self-discipline, eagerness, and diligence.

Man is the commander-in-chief of G-d's vast army of creatures.  His role is to supervise the fulfillment of His Sovereigns orders, and to report directly to the King in all matters appertaining to the achievement of His master plan.

Man takes orders directly from his Sovereign with the intention of filling them precisely and diligently.  If he finds favor in his Monarch's eyes, he will be made party to the secrets of His plans, and learn what is taking place behind the scenes.  In this case, the entire army of this mighty and fearsome Monarch, comprising all to be found in Heaven and Earth – from the lowliest moss on the wall below, to the orb of the sun above – all will be subservient to the commander-n-chief who has won his King's favor.

However, should man attempt to cast off the yoke of his Sovereign's rule, should he attempt to establish even a small territory where he will be free of the Monarch's reign, a little corner where he can even disobey His Highness, and use the powers bestowed upon him for his own self-interests, he is guilty of treason against the Crown.

One might ask: How could such a breach of faith come about?  Is it possible that a servant rebel against his sovereign, against the mightiest power in the universe, and yet the King will choose to remain silent?

Yet, such is the reality of human existence.  Our Sovereign is patient, long-suffering, and anxious to forgive those who repent.  There is no limit to G-d's forgiveness; His patience is endless.

However, G-d has set limitations to darkness and wrongdoing.  Traitors will be tried; when the measure is full, their day will come.  All of G-d's creation will rise up against them.  Even should they climb to the heavens, should they flee to the stars and attempt to establish them there, from there G-d's agents will bring them down and put them on trial for their crimes.

When G-d completed Heaven and Earth, with all that the world of Nature encompasses, He laid the cornerstone for Man's environment, a world that would comprise men who were righteous, and those who embraced evil, a realm of all that Heaven would in the future bring about on the face of the earth. 

This cornerstone is the Shabbat.  The Sabbath Queen was designated by Heaven as man's companion and guide. Throughout his lifetime, the Sabbath accompanies him on his journey along the highways and by-ways of this world.  As man advances through the years allotted to him, he is constantly reminded that the world around him is the work of the Creator, who established His world in order that His Name become known and sanctified among His creatures.

Man himself, with all his talents, interests and aspirations, must never forget that he did not bring himself into being.  He, too, is the product of G-d's wisdom, and he was brought into this world not to satisfy his own cravings and fancies, but to extol the Creator and to sanctify His Name.

On the one hand, man is the crown of the creation.  Yet he fulfills the purpose for which he was created, and for which he was endowed with his especial powers, only when he removes the crown from his own brow and places it at the feet of his Maker, the King of Kings, and Creator of the entire Universe, and all that lies beyond.

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