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Overwork On-Line
The increase of the number of hours parents devote to their jobs rather than to their homes and families, are at the expense of their children.

According to Dafna Rubinstein who studied overtime employment, the benefit of the company precedes all other concerns. She reports in "Noga" a women's magazine: "Through social supervision and organizational slang high tech companies establish the workaholic employee as the ideal company worker, almost to the point of enslavement. The employee is required to forgo his right to his private time schedule and must work around the requirements of the company. In short, there is no hour of the day or night that does not belong, theoretically, to the employer.

High tech companies do not operate on the standard eight-hour schedule; instead, they work around the clock. The employee is expected to be on call at all times of the day and night. Rubinstein set out to determine whether this phenomena is an intrinsic facet of the high tech sector because of some unique characteristic of the industry, or an acquired habit to which employees must adhere in their chosen profession. Rubinstein's research led her to conclude that the ethos developed by the industry uses availability for overtime hours as a measure of a company's prestige. The greater the gap between normal working hours and those of a given company, the higher the establishment's rating as compared to its competitors. In other words, if a company has its staff on call around the clock, it will win a better reputation and do better on the open market.

A woman who plans to leave the office at five o'clock to pick her child from the day nursery may well be met with raised eyebrows and a sarcastic question: So you're working here only part-time?

A private individual working in today's competitive world will feel this pressure. The more his hours are available to his employer, the higher his rating. This trend serves to increase the number of hours parents devote to their jobs at the expense of their children. In the end, it is our sons and daughters who pay the price of our employer's financial success.

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